Publication: 6 reasons why you should always have Greeks around your dining table


23 juli 2013

6 reasons why you should always have Greeks around your dining table

1) Plenty of food

Never again will you have to be afraid of starving. As a rule, Greeks prefer to ensure they have enough food to feed the whole village, rather than risking empty bowls on the table and hungry guests.

2) The pleasure of sharing

Mezedes“, Greek tapas, are always shared with everyone around the table. A joyful experience, which is very convenient at the same time. Do you know the feeling of wanting to taste sardine, but don’t want to decline freshly cooked melanzanes with roasted lamb either? Greeks don’t like eating just one dish, they rather order the whole menu to share 🙂 So just find some Greeks to gather around the table with and challenge your taste buds!

3) No washing of the dishes

Greeks love simple living. If you are done with your dinner, why bother cleaning the dishes? Just throw them on the floor, do a little Sirtaki dance, and you’re done for today. Much easier, no?

4) Unlimited garlic

Have you ever encountered a great smelling dish, of which you are sure there must be at least 3 cloves of garlic inside? Next, you find yourself in a huge dilemma whether you should dig in, or resist temptation in order not to kill the next ten people you are going to meet with your “garlic-perfume“. Well, if you are dining with Greeks you don’t face these kind of difficult life problems. Greeks eat garlic as normal human beings eat bread. So don’t worry, be happy, and smell as much as you like; everyone at the table does anyway!

5) Healthy

Mediterranean cuisine is known to be very healthy. The Greeks owe it to their pure olive oil, which is not to be missed in any of the Greek dishes. Olive oil contributes to a healthy heart and veins.. Suddenly a Pita Souvlaki doesn’t sound so bad anymore..

6) Fun

Dining with Greeks is never dull. They are loud, fun and they don’t do “etiquette-rules”. Instead, they dance, sing, and talk while chewing. So if you don’t want to be bothered with ‘which cutlery you should use for which dish’ or any other polite dining rules, then eat with Greeks. You are allowed to wipe the leftover sauce of your plate with a piece of fresh bread and no one will look at you with a strange face. Food is to be enjoyed to the fullest!

Kali orexi!

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